Humility through soreness

Entering my second week of transition I was starting to get excited about the upcoming spring races. A break is always helpful from a physical standpoint in that it allows your legs to recover from all the long miles, but a break is equally beneficial from a mental perspective. In deep training, every morning means an easy run or workout, however, on a break you are able to wake up and not dwell on the impending training. It allows your mind to operate like a normal person where the need to lace up the shoes is replaced by the ability to do anything else! Sadly, I am usually quite boring in this regard and fill my mornings with watching live broadcasts of the Dan Patrick Show. He is my favorite sports radio guy and I indulge in his banter upon waking during rest periods.

I ran 5 days this week with some cross training on the two off days. Each run was between 65 and 80 minutes in length. In addition, I played in an indoor soccer tournament on Sunday! For those that don’t know I played college soccer at High Point but since beginning to run I have not played much at all. Even though I am actively involved in coaching soccer at the youth level, my playing consists of doing demonstrations for my kids during training sessions. The risk of getting injured and my general fatigue from running 100+ mile weeks has prevented me from even entertaining the idea of participating in the local men’s leagues. However, being that I was on a break from heavy training, I agreed to play in a 6v6 indoor tournament hosted by Appalachian State. It was a mostly soul crushing experience because not only have my skills slightly deteriorated in the past 5 years, I have also lost most of my lateral quickness!

Running prepares your body for one thing and one thing only: to run in a straight line…fast. Any and all other physical movements are not requisite to becoming an elite distance runner. I enjoyed the day but was incredibly sore afterwards and the days that followed. My hips flexors and groins had been beaten to shreds from being forced to cut, turn, and bend in ways that it hadn’t in years! Despite the fact that I am aerobically very strong and that I can run long distances decently quick, the days of playing a respectable level of the game I once trained so hard to perfect are OVER!

Lastly, even though the Oscars technically fell into next week I had a few brief thoughts on the broadcast that I will leave you with:

*Harrison Ford is old. Highlighted by his appearance on stage but also because “Raiders of the Lost Ark” (awesome movie) was on concurrently and switching back and forth was startling.

*Bill Murray fist pumping and then giving a standing ovation is the dream…everyone’s dream.

*Leonardo DiCaprio is uncomfortably good looking.

*Matthew McConaughey winning Best Actor should give every actor in Hollywood hope. He has come a long way from “Failure to Launch” and “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.” Anything is possible.

*I can no longer look at Kevin Spacey without seeing him as Frank Underwood on “House of Cards.”

*Jared Leto will always be Pre.

Here is my last week of training (2/23-3/1):

Sunday: AM: 9 miles    PM: 6v6 indoor soccer tournament!

Monday: 6 miles

Tuesday: AM: 70 minute elliptical     PM: 4 miles

Wednesday: 12 miles

Thursday: 11 miles

Friday: 85 minute elliptical

Saturday: 10 miles

Total: 52 miles, 6 runs, 2 cross training sessions


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  1. Hey, hey, hey! What about the Oscar’s girls: Cate Blanchett, Lupita Nyong’o, Ellen Degeneres. . .?!? And then those dresses!

    1. You’re right. Ellen handing out pizza to celebs followed by guilting those same celebs into giving the delivery guy a great tip was great. Amy Adams dancing with Pharrell during his performance of “Happy” was also adorable/awesome.

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