Greenway K’s

I was excited about the week of training after hearing about my positive iron results. I felt great on Sunday morning for our group long run. Tyler, Joe, and I ran for almost 1hr 50min with a section of that being a very assertive (aka fast) climb. A staple ZAP workout is a 6+ mile climb that starts at a creek in the park and climbs up past the Moses Cone Manor House then on to the fire tower  It is a grinding workout so usually during long runs we complete part of that climb within our normal long run. On Sunday, we made it from the creek to the manor house, just under 4 miles total, in 21:25. My legs felt light and poppy as I glided up the mountain.

After a few days of easy running Tyler, Joe, Moen, and I did a 2k and 1k threshold workout on Friday at the Boone Greenway. The greenway is where Appalachian State has their home cross country course and it has a great grass loop that we use for longer repeats. I did 3 sets of 2k-1k repeats. The rest between the 2k’s was 2 minutes while the rest after the 1k’s was slightly longer which lead back into the next 2k. Overall, it was a great workout as I had not run under 5 minutes per mile in almost 6 weeks. My legs got a bit tired as the session wore on but I was aerobically very controlled. Even though we were not running too terribly fast, I was very encouraged at how my body felt. The 2k’s  ranged from 6:09 to 5:58 and the 1k’s ranged from 2:59 to 2:55.  After several of the intervals Pete asked us to take our heart rates and mine hovered between 155-165 throughout the workout.

Also my U12 girls soccer team finished their Spring season with our club sponsored tournament in Boone, NC. For those that don’t know I am a staff coach at the High Country Soccer Association ( I have coached several boys travel teams during my time with the club but this season was my first time leading a girls team and they were awesome! Unfortunately, they just missed out on getting into the championship game but I had a blast coaching this group of young ladies and I’m looking forward to next season when they move from the 8v8 field to the full field and 11v11.

“What is this strange man saying to us and why are his legs shaved?”

Here is my last week of training (5/11-5/17):

Sunday: AM: 17 miles (8×20 seconds post run)

Monday: AM: 4 miles

Tuesday: AM: 13 miles (8×20 seconds post run)

Wednesday: AM: 9 miles   PM: 7 miles

Thursday: AM: 12.5 miles

Friday: AM: 12 miles (2k-1k-2k-1k-2k-1k workout)  PM: 5.5 miles

Saturday: AM: 10 miles

Total: 90 miles, 9 runs


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