Another summer of ZAP camps!


At ZAP, the summer’s arrival marks the time when some ZAP athletes head over to Europe for a summer racing season and when others stay stateside and compete in some of the biggest road races of the year. But summer on Blackberry Road also marks the beginning of adult running camp season!  Also known as adult running vacations, these long weekend and week-long camps are a great time of year. Runners of all abilities comes from all over the country (and world) to spend a few days learning more about running, eating good food, and enjoying the company of fellow runner “nerds.”

Personally, I enjoy the camp season as it brings fresh faces to the ZAP campus and with it new excitement. Many of our adult campers are our biggest supporters and follow the ZAP team’s results with great interest and passion. These campers are often quite accomplished runners themselves and to hear their stories about training while balancing spouses, jobs, and kids is inspiring.

Although every camp is slightly different in terms of the schedule of events, each week generally consists of several group runs, various informative talks about training, and a guest speaker who shares insights on his/her career in running. This summer’s guest speakers include Bill Rodgers, Carrie Tollefson, Dick Beardsley, Amy Rudolph-Carroll and husband Mark Carroll, and Amy Yoder Begley. Below are the running camp dates for the summer. There are still spots available at some of the camps so come join us!

-June 12-15 Adult Running Vacation Weekend

-June 19-22 Women’s Mini Camp

-July 6-11 The Bear Week

-July 17-20 July Mini Camp

-Aug 7-10 Marathon Prep Mini Camp

-Sept 11-14 September Marathon Mini Camp

Mini Camps:
Full Week Camps:

Returning Camper Discount $50

As far as my training, I had another solid week of running. I had a workout at Moses Cone on Friday and it felt pretty good. I opened with a 3k then did 6×2:30 downcycles, and finished with a 1500. I am backing off my mileage a bit as I enter into the last few weeks of my season. I have the Grandma’s Half Marathon on Saturday and I am excited to go chase a PR. Other than my left calf feeling a bit tight I am ready to go. Stay tuned for my race recap next week!

Here is my last week of training (6/8-6/14):

Sunday: AM: 13 miles (LHRR)  PM: 30 minute walk

Monday: AM: 7 miles   PM: 6 miles

Tuesday: AM: 16 miles

Wednesday: AM: 8 miles  PM: 5 miles

Thursday: AM: 12 miles (10×20 seconds post run)

Friday: AM: 13 miles (3k-230×6-1500)  PM: 4 miles

Saturday: AM: 10 miles

Total: 94 miles, 10 runs


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