Minor hiccup

Heading into this week I was carrying a thigh bruise that I picked up while coaching soccer the previous week. I basically got a really bad charlie horse on my thigh and it was quite painful but little more than a deep bruise I thought. I iced it a lot and tried to get back the range of motion as fast as I could. The first few days after I got it, I was very sore and runs were painful but improving slightly each day. However, because Tyler and I were heading to Virginia Beach for a half marathon over the weekend, most of the runs during the week up until Thursday were easy so I never really got a chance to test the quad out.

On Thursday the crew headed out to Watauga River Road for a medium long run and 10×200 meters after the run. We ran an honest pace throughout with the last 6 or 7 miles between 5:30 and 5:40 pace over rolling terrain. Tyler and I then did the 200’s between 32 seconds down to 30 seconds and I felt really good. This was somewhat due to the fact I was in the middle of a planned down week mileage-wise, but even still I was feeling confident heading into the marathon paced race in Virginia Beach.

However, when I woke up on Friday morning my quad was very sore and both of my runs that day were extremely painful and I could tell that I was beginning to favor it which was causing my hip and knee to act up as well. After an abbreviated run on Saturday in Virginia Beach I knew that the half marathon was not in the cards. It wasn’t really a tough decision as my leg was spasming on the run and not firing properly making 13+ miles at 5:09 pace or faster not feasible. Pete and I discussed it and decided that 2 or so days off now to completely knock it out would be better than prolonging the irritation and further affecting the marathon build up.

I know I made the right decision from a physical standpoint but mentally I feel a bit like my momentum has screeched to a halt! Over the past few weeks I have been on the upswing fitness wise and feeling good and although 2 days will do nothing to my fitness level, training is often very much about rhythm and flow. I hope that I can recapture that feeling very soon and put this little blip behind me because I am ready to tackle the marathon distance and want to do so with a proper buildup.

Keep my left quad in your thoughts! Thanks for reading!

Here is my last week of training (8/24-8/30):

Sunday: AM: 14 miles (4×90 sec, 45 sec, 30 sec)

Monday: OFF

Tuesday: AM: 11 miles

Wednesday: AM: 11 miles

Thursday: AM: 15 miles (10×200 post run)  PM: 5 miles

Friday: AM: 9 miles  PM: 5 miles (VA)

Saturday: AM: 8 miles (VA)

Total: 78 miles, 8 runs



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