Last week of (not) training

When I started blogging I committed to posting every Tuesday regardless of whether I had a lot going on training wise or nothing at all. Alas, the past week was one of the most boring and uninteresting weeks I will ever discuss. To be completely honest, I spent Monday through Thursday wallowing in my house about my botched marathon attempt. Those 4 days consisted of lots of fried food (outlined below) I usually don’t indulge in coupled with too many hours of Netflix and a little bit of soccer coaching splashed in so as not to entirely cut myself off from human contact.

By Friday, I decided I had thrown enough of a pity party and it was time to try and get back on track. I had a fun weekend in Charlotte coaching my U13 girls team (1 win, 1 loss) and was able to spend time with one of my best friends, Chima, who recently moved to the Queen City. Conclusion from the weekend: Distractions are healthy. Being able to not think about running for a few days is refreshing and beneficial. Chima is a non-runner and cares little to hear me prattle on about training and my U13 girls are, well, U13 girls and think I’m weird for running so much in the first place. Both perspectives were refreshing over the weekend.

From a health perspective, I was able to get some massage and acupuncture on my damaged calf which was good. My calf is still very messed up and it seems as though this is going to take some time to get over. The good news is that I would not have run last week at all had the marathon gone perfectly, so I am not officially missing training…yet. But I’m encouraged that it will improve with rest and I will be back at it very soon.

Here is my last week of training and eating(10/5-10/11):

Sunday: AM: 21 miles (TCM, boo)  PM: Beer(s), thanks to Richard Fannin for that!

Monday: AM: Chick Fil-a   PM: Firehouse Subs

Tuesday: AM: Sleep   PM: Papa John’s Pizza

Wednesday: AM: Chick Fil-a  PM: Beer(s), Wings, and Fried Pickles

Thursday: AM: Chick Fil-a  PM: walked(limped) 9 holes of golf/detox

Friday: AM: Scrambled Eggs, Sausage   PM: (ZAP dinner) Mahi, green beans, grits

Saturday: AM: Fried chicken   PM: Burger, Fries, Beer(s)

Total: 21 miles, 9 holes of golf


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