My last week of training

It has been another week since my botched marathon attempt and my bum calf is actually starting to heal! I started the week with a 20 minute limp on the treadmill and was able to slowly add a mile or two each day. Honestly, I was only able to run about 8 minute pace as any faster started to aggravate the calf, but I was happy that I could get in 30-45 minutes of running mostly pain free. I supplemented my week with some elliptical sessions and was lucky enough to be kept company by teammate George Alex as he was also trying to get over a small injury scare.

Pete wants to be patient with the next few weeks so that I don’t have any more setbacks but I want to get in a race soon. I know that, at the very least, I will be running the Turkey Day race in Charleston, SC (my hometown) but beyond that I am unsure of what is to come.

Speaking of George, he recently completed a short mockumentary about butterflies that I posted below. It is interesting to say the least but his foray into the world of film has gotten him thinking about his next project. My idea was to make short, funny, 3 to 5 minute videos about potential careers he may be interested in after his running career is over. We are in the workshop phase now but here are some of the possible directions the little guy may like to go: mortician, aerobics video producer, hitchhiker, janitor, reflective model, and soccer coach. Stay tuned…

Here is my last week of training (10/12-10/18):

Sunday: OFF

Monday: AM: 60 minute elliptical, 2 mile treadmill run

Tuesday: AM: 4 miles   PM: 45 minute elliptical

Wednesday: AM: 4 miles   PM: 5 miles

Thursday: AM: 6 miles  PM: 45 minute elliptical

Friday: AM: 8 miles

Saturday: AM: 8 miles

Total: 37 miles, 6 runs, 3 cross training sessions


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