My last week of training and upcoming races

This will be yet another brief blog entry as I had a very simple week of training and am rushing to get ready to take a quick trip to visit Esther in New Jersey for a few days. My calf is almost fully healed and I was able to get in about 85 miles last week. I should be able to get in a moderate workout in the next 7 days if all continues to go well.

Pete and I sat down last week to discuss my upcoming racing plans and here is a rough look at what we are planning on doing over the next few months:

Charleston Turkey Day Run, 5k, November 2014

USATF Club Cross Country Championships (PA), 10k, December 2014

NYRR Midnight Run, 4 miler (NYC), January 2015

USA Half Marathon Championships (Houston, TX), January 2015

Tallahassee Marathon (marathon training run), February 2015

LA Marathon (CA), USA Marathon Championships, March 2015

All are subject to change but I am excited to prepare for another marathon sooner rather than later and think that LA would be a great opportunity to set things right that went wrong at Twin Cities. And the Olympic Trials will be there in 2016, albeit on a different course, so it will be a chance to get used to my surroundings ahead of time.

Thanks for reading!

Here is my last week of training (10/19-10/25):

Sunday: AM: 14 miles

Monday: AM: 9 miles   PM: 45 minute elliptical

Tuesday: AM: 13 miles (8×20 seconds post run)

Wednesday: AM: 13 miles

Thursday: AM: 9 miles    PM: 50 minute elliptical

Friday: AM: 13 miles

Saturday: AM: 10 miles  PM: 4 miles

Total: 85 miles, 8 runs, 2 cross training sessions


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