Sickness and lots of soccer

Last week unfortunately mirrored the week before as I was still trying to shake off my sickness. I took a few days off early in the week which marginally helped, but my runs for the week were slow and followed by intense bouts of coughing!

I finished my run on Thursday feeling halfway decent and was intent on getting in a set of core once I got back to ZAP but shortly after I began the routine, my abs all CRAMPED up due to all the coughing I’d been doing the previous week. Suffice it to say, experiencing intense abdominal spasms let me know that I was still a bit away from being back to full strength! Pete says that over 20% of the Blowing Rock Elementary School is out with this sickness and that unfortunately it appears to be lingering for well over 10 days.  Oh well, all I can do now is wait it out and make sure I stay hydrated and run very, very easily.

Last weekend was also the end of the year tournament for my High Country United U13 girls soccer team ( They ended up losing in the semifinals but had a great weekend overall. I have really enjoyed coaching this group of young ladies. Usually at the end of every club soccer season I get slightly tired of going to training and running sessions for my teams as the players also seem ready for a break from the game. This season, however, my girls showed up to every practice and game with a willingness to work and improve that I wish I could bottle and spread to all my future teams. And above and beyond the actual game of soccer, the girls are a lot of fun and remind me that I am nothing but an OLD man who screams (not often, mind you) at them from the sideline.


In keeping with the soccer theme this week, the Appalachian State men’s team will be heading to Statesboro, GA for the Sun Belt Conference tournament over the weekend. I have not traveled with the team yet this season but am excited to tag along for this trip. The winner gets the conference’s automatic bid to the NCAA tournament and we have a great shot at advancing as every team in the conference is comparable and all of our regular season meetings with the other teams were very, very tightly contested affairs. Stay tuned to see how it all turns out.  Find the tournament bracket at the following link:

Thanks for reading!

Here is my last week of training (11/2-11/8):

Sunday: OFF, sick

Monday: OFF, sick

Tuesday: AM: 9 miles

Wednesday: AM: 6 miles

Thursday: AM: 9 miles

Friday: AM: 8 miles

Saturday: AM: 12 miles

Total: 44 miles, 5 runs


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