Treadmill climbin’

Last year's race start.
Last year’s race start.

I was able to get in two solid workouts last week as I prepare for my 5k on Thanksgiving day in Charleston, SC. On Wednesday I got in a great 1-1-1 hill cycle climb on the treadmill at ZAP. Pete is a big fan of doing hill workouts on the treadmill because it allows him to have complete control over pace and incline for the entire session. Often with outdoor climbs at the park we are given a certain pace but over the course of 6+ miles paces can vary wildly depending on how the session is going. Very often athletes can start way too fast then die off late and sometimes, although far less likely, an athlete can begin too conservatively and not progress as intended by the end. The treadmill sessions are a great way to ensure each athlete starts EXACTLY where Pete wants and creates a very evenly paced and ultimately forward workout environment.

On this day I opened with 2×1200 meters at 4:50 down to 4:45 pace. As I was doing the 2nd rep I realized this was the fastest I had run by a great margin since the marathon and I felt pretty comfortable doing it! Following 3 minutes of easy jogging I went into a 33 minute 1-1-1 hill cycle workout. The workout is broken up into 33 different 1 minute pieces with various pace and incline changes each minute. Usually a 1-1-1 cycle, or 3 minutes total, is repeated 2 or 3 time through creating a set before moving to another 1-1-1 cycle with different pace and incline goals. This workout is continuous with constant change throughout so the key is to relax and try to grow into the session because the workout starts at around 5:25 pace and drops to under 5 minute pace by the end while the incline is constantly fluctuating between 0% and 3%. Here is a quick snapshot of what I did:

11.3 / 11.4 / 11.6 (0% / 1% / 2%) x 3 cycles (9:00)
11.5 / 11.6 / 11.9 (0% / 2% / 3%) x 3 cycles (9:00)

Overall, it was a tough but fun workout that was very rewarding for me once I completed it. Later in the week I did a short fartlek at Moses Cone to get the legs turning over again to close out the week. My calf is sore in the EXACT same spot that flared up during the marathon which is worrying, but I hope that it continues to heal as I get back into other harder sessions.

Wish me luck (and good health) in the race this Thursday!

Here is my last week of training (11/16-11/22):

Sunday:  AM: 17 miles

Monday: AM: 6 miles   PM: 6 miles

Tuesday: AM: 12 miles (10×20 seconds post run)

Wednesday: AM: 14 miles (2×1200, 1-1-1 hill climb)

Thursday: AM: 9 miles   PM: 5 miles

Friday: AM: 11 miles (90-60-45 x4)  PM: 4 miles

Saturday: AM: 9 miles

Total: 93 miles, 10 runs


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