On to Richmond

Following Club XC I went straight into another 100 mile week with 1 solid workout later in the week. Because my training cycle is just beginning to heat up I did not take the down dip that many of my teammates are. Pete had me do a moderate long run on Sunday morning in Bethlehem, PA followed by a few mileage days before doing a segmented tempo run of 3×11 minutes on Thursday morning.

Often Pete has me do tempos that are broken up into longer pieces as opposed to a straight, evenly paced effort. For this session, the goal was to run 3×11 minutes with the middle 4 minutes (3:30 to 7:30) 8 to 10 seconds faster than the rest of the piece. So the goal was to run the opening and closing 3:30 around 4:55 pace with the middle 4 minutes around 4:45-48 pace. After each 11 minute piece I had 4 to 5 minutes recovery jog before heading into the next segment.

I measured a 1 mile loop near Esther’s apartment in Hopewell, NJ that had about 600 meters of downhill and 800 meters of steady uphill in each lap. The workout went well. I did not change gears that dramatically for the middle 4 minutes but was able to get faster on each 11 minute piece and ran further during each segment. With it being a cold and slightly windy day and the road not being flat I was happy with my effort. Below are my splits:

1st 11 minute piece: 4:50, 9:49…roughly 2.25 miles for 11 min(4:53 avg.)

2nd 11 minute piece: 4:50, 9:44…roughly 2.27 miles for 11 min(4:50 avg.)

3rd 11 minute piece: 4:49, 9:39…roughly 2.3 miles for the 11 min(4:47 avg.)

I finished up the week with some easy running and made my way to Richmond, VA to spend Christmas with Esther’s family. I felt good for most of the week and look forward to sharpening up a bit over the next 10 days as I get closer to running the NYRR Midnight Run on New Years Eve.

Also, congrats to teammates Andrew Colley and Tyler Pennel for being named to the USA Team going to the Bupa Great Edinburgh Cross Country race in January. GO ZAPS!

Here is my last week of training (12/14-12/20):

Sunday: AM: 15 miles

Monday: AM: 10 miles   PM: 6 miles

Tuesday: AM: 12 miles (10×20 post run)  PM: 5 miles

Wednesday: AM: 10 miles

Thursday: AM: 15 miles (3×11 min workout)

Friday: AM: 9 miles   PM: 6 miles

Saturday: AM: 12 miles

Total: 100+, 10 runs


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