LA buildup details

Coming off the half marathon last week Pete wanted me to take an easy transition week before heading into the LA Marathon build up. Unlike Twin Cities which Tyler and I went into off of a full break, this buildup is going to be shorter in length as I am coming into the race much fitter and thus do not need a 10-12 week cycle.

I trained very well getting ready for Twin Cities but I’m interested to see how I respond to this shorter cycle. More importantly, it will give Pete even more data on me when he sits down to prepare the plan for the buildup to the 2016 Olympic Trials next February.

I ran once per day on the week with some light strides thrown in for some turnover. I actually felt quite tired on every run so I think the lower week was needed. I also rode the bike along side Tyler and Colley for a few of their second runs to get in another light shakeout type effort to aid my body in recovery. All in all, it was a very boring week. I went to a few movies and tried to sleep as much as possible with the big mileage weeks that are ahead.

Pete and I sat down early in the week and he gave me a rough outline of the next 7 weeks with key workouts and mileage goals included. I thought it would be cool to see this information laid out so I gave you guys an abridged version below. Some of the stuff is subject to change based on how I’m feeling but I suspect this plan will be followed pretty closely.

In addition, notice that there are not that many “workout” days as each long run has lots of marathon specific elements in them and most weeks have only 1 main session and  sometimes another lighter session. When doing higher mileage I tend to need more recovery and cannot handle the 2 workout per week model that some more veteran runners can. Personally, I would rather nail 1 big session per week than run two average sessions each week. Confidence is key and I think this layout will help me get to the line on March 15 with a lot of it. Enjoy!

LA Marathon buildup plan:

8 weeks out: 65-75 miles, no workouts, transition week after USA Half
7 weeks out: 107-111 miles, 11 runs, 4×3 miles in long run
6 weeks out: 115-120, 12 runs, hill cycles, light fartlek to end week
5 weeks out: 105-108, 11 runs, Tally Marathon long run, 8 to 1 fartlek
4 weeks out: 120-125, 12 runs, 2×7 miles in long run, 2k/1k/500 intervals
3 weeks out: 110-115, 11-12 runs, intervals(TBD) in long run
2 weeks out: 95-99, 11 runs, long run w/surges, progressive run to end week
1 week out: 60-70, 8-9 runs, 2×2 mile at pace

Here is my last week of training (1/18-1/24):

Sunday: AM: 18 miles (USA Half Champs, 1:04:06)

Monday: AM: 7 miles   PM: 45 minute easy bike

Tuesday: AM: 9 miles

Wednesday: AM: 10 miles   PM: 45 minute easy bike

Thursday: AM: 9 miles (8×20 seconds post run)

Friday: AM: 10 miles

Saturday: AM: 9 miles (6×200 post run)

Total: 72 miles, 7 runs, 2 easy bike rides


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