Recovery week (w/some soccer thrown in!)

Last week was all about recovery. After the marathon I took 4 days completely off. I took walks each day and just let my body relax. I had a good deal of junk food and beer and tried to not think about running that much. I also found a few pictures from the race showing my various stages of pain! Enjoy!

Early in the race. (
Early in the race. (
Just after 30k before things started to fall apart. (
Just after 30k before things started to fall apart. (
Just trying to get to the finishing line. (
Just trying to get to the finish line. (

I was quite sore for the first 2-3 days after the race but that improved quickly. Well, everything improved other than my hamstrings! Having cramped in that area for over 10k at Boston my hamstrings and hamstring/glute attachments are still screaming at me almost a week later.

One interesting non-running development of the last 2 weeks is that I am now coaching a U16 boys club soccer team in New Jersey for the month of May. I was contacted by someone at Next Level Soccer Academy in Pennington, NJ and they were in need of a replacement coach for this team. I ran a training session for the group as a tryout of sorts just before Boston and was asked to come on board for the month. I will be returning to NC and ZAP (and HCSA) at the end of May but I was excited to get back on the soccer field after my brief hiatus the last new months.


Thanks for reading!

Here is my last week of training (4/19-4/25):

Sunday: AM: 5 miles (5×30 sec post run)

Monday: AM: 28.2 miles (Boston Marathon)

Tuesday: AM: OFF

Wednesday: AM: OFF

Thursday: AM: OFF

Friday: AM: OFF

Saturday: AM: 4 miles

Total: 37.2 miles, 3 runs


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