Back to Boston!

Coming off of the hilly Asheville 10k last weekend, I was excited to get in another good week of training. After a controlled, or “time on feet,” long run on Monday, I was at the ASU track on Wednesday to work out with Griff, George, and Cameron. All of those guys were doing pre race workouts as Griff would be in Boston for a 5k, George in Portland for a 5k, and Cameron in Indianapolis for a 3k steeple but we overlapped at the beginning of the session. The plan was to run 3x2k at threshold pace followed by 8×300 meters at mile effort. Here’s how it went:

3x2k with 3 minutes jog rest:
1. 6:00
2. 6:00
3. 6:00

8×300 with 100 meters walk rest:

45, 45, 45, 47, 45, 45, 45, 44

As expected the 2k’s were very comfortable and the 300’s were challenging. As I stated in an recent blog, I’m really placing emphasis on getting my legs turned over more this summer and improving my leg speed and these 300’s certainly worked towards that goal.

Aerobically, they were fairly easy  but I was really having to focus on keeping my form together as my legs were a bit tired from the 2k’s earlier in the session. The discomfort from doing faster repeats is very different from the discomfort from strength based work that I’m used to. Overall, it was a good session and a positive step forward as when I did 8×300 2 weeks ago it was much harder.

After an easy few days of running I was off to Asheville, NC again for the 2nd and final weekend of the US Soccer National Youth License coaching course. The final weekend consisted primarily of the testing portion (written, oral, practical field, etc) of the course and I think it went well but I will have to wait 4-6 weeks to find out if I passed.

Next up for me is the B.A.A. 10k on June 21 in Boston, MA. After a disappointing finish at the marathon in April, I am excited to return to the city and get in a great race. From what I hear the course is fast and the professional field is strong I’m excited for the challenge.

Check back next week for a recap of the race. Thanks for reading!

P.S. Esther returned to Litchfield, CT for the historic Litchfield Hills Road Race over the weekend and successfully defended her title with a big win and personal best on the challenging 7.1 mile course! She has now won the race 3 years in a row and is quickly becoming the Queen of Litchfield. Congrats to her!

Here is my last week of training (6/7-6/13):

Sunday: AM: 6.5 miles   PM: 6.5 miles

Monday: AM: 17 miles

Tuesday: AM: 9 miles   PM: 6 miles (8×20 seconds post run)

Wednesday: AM: 10.5 miles (3x2k, 8×300)  PM: 6.5 miles

Thursday: AM: 11.5 miles

Friday: AM: 13.5 miles

Saturday: AM: 9 miles (10×20 seconds post run)

Total: 96 miles, 10 runs


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