Rehab and Camp

Last week was ZAP’s 6-day Bear Week camp. The camp was sold out this year with lots of returning campers back in town (notably camp stalwarts Tim Francis and Fred Fedewa) to enjoy both a relaxing and educational week but also a painful journey to the top of Grandfather Mountain as part of The Bear 5 mile race. Runner’s World Chief Runner Officer Bart Yasso was the featured camp speaker for the week.

The finishing ascent of the Bear Race at Grandfather Mountain (
The finishing ascent of the Bear Race at Grandfather Mountain (

In addition, long-time ZAP supporter and excellent massage therapist Robin Rogers of Georgia Sports Massage was in town for the week. Pete and Robin ran together in Atlanta after college and have been pals ever since. Robin has worked on countless ZAP athletes both in his Atlanta office and in various places we cross paths across the country!

With my hamstring needing treatment badly I was lucky to get worked on by Robin during the week. He actually used a new treatment method on me. FAT, or Fascial Abrasion Technique, was developed by Mark Scappaticci and is a less invasive form of Graston that aims to relieve adhesions while lengthening the affected muscles and tendons. I think it helped and my leg seems to be improving, albeit slowly.

The ASU Senior Elite camp took place last week. (
The ASU Senior Elite camp took place last week. (

While ZAP camp was going on, I was doing double duty with the Appalachian State soccer camps also in full swing. The ASU men’s program hosted their Senior Elite camp for high school juniors and seniors with aspirations to play for ASU. I greatly enjoyed the camp and saw several good players. There are two more camps in the coming weeks and then the college team will return to campus and begin their preseason.

Training wise, I ran 6 days on the week very easily at low intensity as I continue to try and get rid of my hamstring issues. I will be in Richmond this week to see Chiropractor and ART specialist Rob Green before heading back to ZAP for another weekend of camp!

Thanks for reading!

Here is my last week of training (7/5-7/11):

Sunday: OFF

Monday: AM: 7 miles

Tuesday: AM: 7 miles

Wednesday: AM: 9 miles   PM: 45 min elliptical

Thursday: AM: 9 miles

Friday: AM: 10 miles

Saturday: AM: 9 miles   PM: 4 miles

Total: 55 miles, 7 runs


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