Swim lanes and soccer games

I had a very eventful week on several fronts. From a cross training perspective I was able to swim without a pull buoy and even hopped on a spin bike for a few sessions without pain. Although cycling doesn’t seem like much it was a positive development as it does put a bit more pressure on my stress fracture than swimming and to feel zero pain means it’s healing!

Also, I changed my locale for a few days to Chetola Resort in Blowing Rock as the heater on the Boone Wellness Center pool had broken. It was a nice change of scenery as I attempt to constantly keeps things fresh! Check out a few pictures of my pool sessions Esther snapped during the week:

Fish status.
Fish status (with belt).


Circles for dayzzz at Chetola Resort.
Circles for dayzzz at Chetola Resort.

From a coaching standpoint last weekend was the season ending Autumn Blast tournament hosted by CVYSA in Hickory, NC. In all, 9 HCSA teams competed in their various age groups, including my U12 boys and U14 girls teams. Both of my teams have been developing and learning a lot over the course of the Fall season and this tournament is always a great way to cap off the season against some teams from other parts of the Southeast that we may not normally play against during the regular season.

The weekend was very successful for both teams. On Saturday my boys won 8-1 and 6-4 while my girls won 4-0 and 8-1 which secured a spot in the semi-finals for both. On Sunday, both teams won their respective semi-final matches and so it was on the championship games. Unfortunately, both teams were unable to pull out victories and both of my teams ended up as Runners-Up for the weekend.

Although many, many tears were shed on both teams, the final games didn’t put a damper on a very solid weekend. Both teams made big strides forward and it was an exciting and educational experience for all involved (players, parents, and coach). GO HCSA!

HCSA U12 Boys Navy
HCSA U12 Boys Navy


HCSA U14 Girls
HCSA U14 Girls

Lastly, Thursday November 5th marked 100 days until the Olympic Trials Marathon in LA. The race organizers sent all qualifiers a card to take a picture with and post on Twitter. Since both Esther and I are qualified we took our picture together. Enjoy!

Thursday makred 100 days out from OTM.
Thursday marked 100 days out from the OTM.

Thanks for reading!

Here is my last week of training (11/1-11/7):

Sunday: OFF (travel back from IN)

Monday: AM: 1hr 45min swim/jog

Tuesday: AM: 1hr 45min swim/jog

Wednesday: AM: 2hrs swim/jog  PM: 30 min spin

Thursday: AM: 1hr 40 min spin  PM: walk

Friday: AM: 1hr 35 min aqua jog

Saturday: AM: 1 hr spin  PM: soccer tournament all day!

Total: 0 miles run, 4 swim sessions, 3 spin sessions


My last week of training (10/25-10/31)

I will be very brief this week as I have been busy spending time coaching and getting in my lengthy cross training workouts. As I mentioned last week I have been using the Boone Wellness Center for my pool sessions which have consisted of a combination of aqua jogging and swimming. This is slightly different than past injuries as I usually spent most of my time either using the elliptical or just aqua jogging. Right now my foot is not quite ready for the elliptical and I don’t feel like the aqua jogging always gets my heart rate as high as I’d like. I’ve found that adding in a swimming component to the aqua jogging has made the sessions more challenging but also kept me more engaged and not as BORED!

Essentially, the goal of cross training is to attempt to get your heart rate as high as possible to simulate what outside running does for you aerobically. There are certainly many ancillary benefits of spending time in the pool such as blood flow to the injured area without the pounding of the road while also keeping other muscles in use and strong, but aerobic maintenance is the number one reason to cross train!

There may be runners out there who say they LOVE to aqua jog or swim but I’m not one of them. It is a boring and tedious activity that is only tolerable if you constantly remind yourself that the time spent in the pool will make the return to running much easier. Luckily, Esther bought me a waterproof iPod Shuffle and that has been super helpful in keeping me motivated and focused on the task at hand.

To be honest, there are days that I am amazed to look at my watch and see that I’ve just spent nearly two hours splashing around in the deep end of a community pool. Non-runners may think the same is true about a 2 hour run but I’d take an outdoor run in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains over a pool session any day!

So what exactly have I been doing in the pool? Well, I thought it’d be cool to share some of the workouts Pete has had me doing since I found out I had a stress fracture. Enjoy!

Sample workout 1: Lap swim to pool run…12 lengths medium / harder / all out x 4 cycles then 30 sec sprints x 15 (each with final 5-6 sec holding breath) – do 6 sets of this !!

Sample workout 2: Pool run – 15:00 warm – 20/20 power sprints x 15 – then 2:00 rest after #15 / then 90 sec snowball intervals x 9 (each w 30 seconds rest between and each with final 8-10 sec hands out of water holding breath) – then 2:00 after #9, before – 45/15 x 10 – 2:00 rest then 30:00 lap swim with intervals of choosing

Thanks for reading! Check back next week for more exciting tales from the deep end!

Here is my last week of training (10/19-10/24):

Sunday: AM: 1 hr 45 min aqua jog/swimming combo

Monday: AM: 1 hr 30 min aqua jog/swim

Tuesday: AM: 1hr 30 min aqua jog/swim

Wednesday: AM: 1hr 40 min aqua jog/swimming  PM: 30 min bike

Thursday: AM: 1 hr 30 min aqua jog/swim

Friday: AM: 1 hr 30 min all aqua jog  PM: travel to Fort Wayne, IN

Saturday: AM: 1hr 20 min aqua jog/swim

Total: 0 miles, 7 pool sessions, 1 bike session

My last week of training (8/30-9/5)

Another step forward this week! I had an exciting week on several fronts with Esther arriving home on Tuesday from her month away while also getting in my first short workout in over 8 weeks!

On Tuesday, I made my way to Charlotte to pick up Esther from the airport and got in my morning run at McAlpine Park. Although it is a decent place for a run, I finished my 85 minute run feeling very blessed that I get to train in the Boone/Blowing Rock area as I was quite bored by the end!

On Wednesday morning I woke up and decided that I would try to hop in with Tyler and Griff for their fartlek session. They were doing a classic 5 to 1, 4 to 1 minute fartlek and I decided I would jump in for part of the 5 to 1. I ran the 5 minute and 4 minute pieces with them around 4:50 pace and then finished the remaining 3-2-1 on my own. Pete advised me to keep each piece evenly paced while Tyler and Griff were planning on progressively getting faster with each piece so I smartly went solo for the last few harder pieces.

Overall, it was a fun little session and my hamstring felt pain free throughout. I was sore the following day but that was to be expected.

On Friday, Esther’s parents, Martin and Hope, arrived from Richmond to get some last minute wedding errands done and help fix up some things around our new house. They were very helpful and I enjoyed the weekend. Most of the work is done for the wedding thanks in large part to their efforts.

To close out the weekend, Tim and Julie Meigs held an end of the summer party at their cabin in Blowing Rock. Most of the ZAP crew were in the attendance as well as some of their neighborhood friends. As usual, Julie served some AMAZING food and it was a great night! Thanks you for hosting us Uncle Tim!

Thanks for reading!

Pictured from L to R: Hope “The Teacher” Erb, Esther “Big 24” Erb, Andrew “Bootie” Colley”, Chris “Skater Boy” Moen, Joe “Ray Charles” Stilin, Cole “Future Mr. Erb” Atkins, Tim “The Uncle” Meigs, Martin “The Helper” Erb.

Here is my last week of training (8/30-9/5):

Sunday: AM: 9 miles   PM: 5 miles

Monday: AM: 12 miles

Tuesday: AM: 11 miles (8×20 sec post run)   PM: 5 miles

Wednesday: AM: 9 miles (5 to 1 fartlek)  PM: 5 miles

Thursday: AM: 14.5 miles

Friday: AM: 11.5 miles (10×20 sec post run)

Saturday: AM: 8 miles   PM: 4 miles

Total: 94 miles, 11 runs

My last week of training (8/23-8/29)

Last week was another good week of training as I inch closer to being ready to workout fully. I got close to 100 miles on 10 runs and had 3 days with runs over 90 minutes and another day with some light surges.

On Wednesday, most of the guys were doing a 2k-1k workout at the Boone Greenway and Pete gave me the option to throw in some light 1 minute surges during my run. I ended up doing 8×1 min at around 4:55 pace and my hamstring held up well. It was far from fast but I was pleased that I was able to change gears and spice up my run a bit!

On Saturday I ran 2 hours 5 minutes with Griff who was doing an 25 miler as part of his Twin Cities Marathon build up. Usually once or twice during a marathon build up Pete has his athletes get in an almost 3 hour run. These runs are usually not particularly fast but more a “time on feet” run to callous the body to all the pounding that the marathon will deliver. I enjoyed running with Griff and I think he was happy to have the company! Check out this map he scribbled out to show all the sights and sounds of his 2hr and 45min adventure through Blowing Rock.

Griff's map. Not to scale.
Griff’s map. Not to scale.

And to finish out a busy week I was excited to get to watch Esther run in the IAAF World Marathon Championships in Beijing. She has been gone for about a month and although I want nothing more than for her to get home, I was really excited for her race. The women’s marathon is the last event of the championships and Esther was also ready to get it on!  She spent time in Austria, Japan, and finally China in her last few weeks before the race. As usual, she had prepared well and was ready to face the distance with excitement and maturity.

So on Saturday evening after a long day of coaching, I made my way to Town Tavern in Blowing Rock to watch the race on Universal Sports. Nearly all the ZAP team came out to support Esther as well as a parent from one of the teams I coach (GO ROSS!). David Rogers of the Blowing Rock News came as well and wrote a very nice recap of her race here.

Esther finished in 24th place after being in 48th at 5k. She is an incredibly smart marathoner that seems to have an uncanny ability to accurately measure her effort throughout her races. I know that she wanted to finish in the top 20 but I would have been proud of her if she had finished dead last. To be honest, when she came onto the track in the Bird’s Nest and kicked by a Bahraini athlete I was very close to tears. I had been watching the race for over 2 and a half hours and to finally be able to see her running was an amazing moment. And to see her kick by someone made it even cooler!

She’s tough, she beautiful, she’s tenderhearted, and she’s going to be my wife very soon. I am a lucky man to say the least.

My girl.
That’s my girl.

Thanks for reading!

Here is my last week of training (8/23-8/29):

Sunday: AM: 8 miles

Monday: AM: 16 miles

Tuesday: AM: 10 miles   PM: 4 miles

Wednesday: AM: 10 miles (8×1 min within run)

Thursday: AM: 13 miles   PM: 4 miles

Friday: AM: 9 miles   PM: 6 miles

Saturday: AM: 19 miles

Total: 99 miles, 10 runs

My last week of training

Due my lack of workouts or races I will AGAIN be brief with my weekly running recap. I ran a bit less this week, 80 miles on 9 runs, than I have in recent weeks. I got in several longer runs however my hamstring is still annoying me. I am perfectly fine running 6:15-6:45 pace but when I start to ratchet the pace down from there I begin to feel general tightness that I’ve sadly gotten accustomed to over the past 6 weeks. Not to belabor the point, but it has been a rough month but things are ever so slowly improving. Positivity is key!


In non-running news, HCSA hosted a 1 day 4v4 tournament at our complex. The Blue Ridge Mountain Cup has been growing over the past few years and this year’s edition was not different. We had 38 teams participate in 6 different age divisions from cities all over North Carolina and Tennessee. It was my 1st time as Tournament Director and I thought everything went smoothly.

Thanks for reading and I hope to have something of note to write about over the next few weeks! Until then, I am continuing to get in easy miles and hitting all of my rehab exercises as diligently as I can.

Here is my last week of training (8/2-8/8):

Sunday: AM: 16 miles

Monday: AM: 5 miles  PM: 4 miles

Tuesday: AM: 13 miles

Wednesday: AM: 11.5 miles   PM: 4.5 miles

Thursday: AM: 9 miles

Friday: AM: 10 miles   PM: 7 miles

Saturday: AM: short shakeout

Total: 80 miles, 9 runs

Onwards to Kentucky!

I had a very busy non-running week and a very easy training week coming off the BAA 10k. In an attempt to be organized and brief I am going to tell you about my week in a list format. Lazy, I know, but best when trying to recall all that I did!

Sunday: I raced the BAA 10k in the morning and then hopped on a plane back to Charlotte in the afternoon. I arrived in a balmy Charlotte (90 degrees) at 5:30 pm and headed back towards Blowing Rock with Griff. I was extra excited to get home as Esther was also making her way to Blowing Rock to move in all of her stuff.

With the World Championships in Beijing this summer she will not have a lot of time to move in so this week was a great opportunity for her to settle in before heading back to warmer training temperatures in Richmond, VA.

Boone+Jefferson+Wilkesboro=Blue Ridge Alliance Soccer Camps.
Boone+Jefferson+Wilkesboro=Blue Ridge Alliance Soccer Camps.

Monday: 6 am run with Esther before heading into Boone to work the Blue Ridge Alliance Soccer Camps. Run by HCSA, these camps run from 9-3 each day and they’re a lot of fun. The morning consists of coaching a particular topic and after lunch is mostly games. After getting done with camp I returned home to a much fuller house and got in another run with Esther. We then had dinner in town with Tyler!

Dinner with Tyler and Esther at Town Tavern in Blowing Rock, NC.
Dinner with Tyler and Esther at Town Tavern in Blowing Rock, NC.

Tuesday: Another very early morning run with Esther and Tyler through the Mayview neighborhood of Blowing Rock and Bass Lake. Then another warm day of soccer camp! Esther and I then headed to Boone for a nice dinner at Los Arcoiris.

Wednesday: Esther didn’t run with me as she had a workout later in the morning but I had another easy, smooth morning run. After getting done with camp Esther picked me and up and we headed for Charlotte to buy a couch from IKEA.

We had already picked one out and Tyler was nice enough to let us borrow his truck as he was in Eugene for USA’s. We got in an easy 2nd run in Hickory on the way to Charlotte and after a quick meal at (welcome to) Moe’s we made it to IKEA. After scooping up the couch we eventually made it home around 11 pm. It was a long day to say the least. I got 17 miles of running, 6 hours of soccer, and 4 hours of driving squeezed into 1 day. Tiring but productive.

Thursday: Esther headed back to Richmond after another nice medium long run. It was great spending a few days with her even though I was busy most of the week and she got a lot done at the new house! I put the couch together after she left and the living room actually looks livable now as opposed to 3 weeks prior when Pete had to lend me a chair as I had none in the house!

Esther and I's nook is beginning to take shape.
Esther and I’s nook is beginning to take shape.

Friday: Pete had a moderate climbing workout on the schedule for Friday morning but with camp starting at 8:30 am I decided to flip-flop my day and get in an easy shorter run before coaching then do the workout in the evening.

After getting in an afternoon nap I headed to Bass Lake for the ZAP classic Manor-Maze workout. The plan was to run a 4-3-2-1 minute fartlek with halftime rest up to the manor house, easily jog to the start of the maze, then run a 4-3-2-1 fartlek through the maze. Put together the workout is about 7 miles in length and has a little bit of everything in it: flat, climbing, and downhill.

I had a very good workout. I felt surprisingly rested and got to the manor in 14:37 (just under 3 miles) and through the maze in 12:19 (just over 2.5 miles). The only downside of the workout was that with about 2 minutes left I felt my hamstring pull slightly. Hopefully it’s nothing serious!

Saturday: My hamstring was incredibly sore during my run but my legs felt good. I really feel my fitness coming around and I’m proud that I was able to get in 90+ miles for the week while coaching a lot and running errands with Esther.

Next week will be very relaxed as I prepare to make my way to Frankfurt, KY to race the Buffalo Trace 5k. It’s a really fast course with good prize money and I will try my best to attack my road 5k PR of 13:51 if all goes well!

Check back next week for a recap of the race.

Here is my last week of training (6/21-6/27):

Sunday: AM: 12 miles (BAA 10k, 30:35, 12th)

Monday: AM: 7 miles   PM: 5.5 miles

Tuesday: AM: 12 miles

Wednesday: AM: 11 miles   PM: 6 miles (8×20 sec post run)

Thursday: AM: 13 miles

Friday: AM: 5 miles   PM: 12 miles (manor-maze workout)

Saturday: AM: 10.5 miles

Total: 94 miles, 10 runs

Asheville Recap

Last week was a busy one for me! I began the week with a solid long run at Moses Cone with Tyler and then came back Wednesday for a workout with Griff and Joe at Mulberry. The plan was to run 6x 1 mile at threshold pace followed by 4×400 meters at roughly 5k effort. Pete measured out 2 miles with each 400 meter mark indicated by a cone. We did 2×1 mile with 75 seconds rest and then had 3 minutes rest before the next pairing of mile repeats. Here’s how it went:

2×1 mile (x3), 75 sec rest between intervals, 3 minutes between sets:

4:54, 4:52, 4:47, 4:48, 4:40, 4:41

4×400, 90 seconds rest: 65, 65, 65, 65

The miles we were running were mostly flat with the exception of the last 400 meters of the 2nd mile which rose a decent amount. All 3 of us felt strong and controlled throughout the session and were pleased with how it all played out.

After an easy few days of running I made my way to Asheville to run a very low key 10k to open up my season. The BAA 10k was originally going to be the start of my summer racing season but I was going to be in Asheville over the weekend anyway for a soccer coaching course so this race seemed like a good fit. I got into town the day before but was unable to check out the course so I had no idea what it would be like, although with it being Asheville I planned for and expected to see lots of HILLS!

My assumptions were proven correct as the course was nasty! In fact, I would say it was one of the harder courses I have ever run on. The opening 2.5 miles were rolling downhill and then the tough stuff began. Let’s put it this way, I comfortably got to 3 miles in 14:20 and then I passed the 4 mile mark in 20:25! That means I ran over 6 minutes for that mile which consisted of a healthy dose of switchbacks and steep, steep inclines. In the end, I finished 2nd behind a Chapel Hill based Kenyan and made a few bucks. My time was not good but in the context of my week it was another hard effort that will ‘serve me well’ (Pete Rea-ism) as I move forward to my target races.

National Youth Coaching Course

After the race ended I got in a quick cool down and made my way over to the Carolina Day School to take part in US Soccer’s National Youth License coaching course. This course is designed to provide club directors of coaching, youth coaches, and administrators with the knowledge to successfully structure soccer environments to players ages 4-12. The course focuses on how to provide developmentally appropriate sessions for the very young ages so they are properly prepared once they make the jump to more competitive levels of the youth game.

Although many clubs focus their best coaches with the high school aged teams, often the most qualified and able coaches are needed at these early stages so the foundation is properly set moving forward. I had a good time and have lots of work to do this week before returning to Asheville next weekend for the testing component of the course (written, oral, and practical field test). Wish me luck!

Carolina Day School Soccer Complex in Asheville, NC.
Carolina Day School Soccer Complex in Asheville, NC.

Thanks for reading!

Here is my last week of training (5/31-6/6):

Sunday: AM: 17 miles (8×20 seconds end of run)   PM: walk

Monday: AM: 7 miles   PM: 6 miles

Tuesday: AM: 10.5 miles (8×20 seconds end of run)   PM: 4 miles

Wednesday: AM: 13 miles (6 x mile, 4 x 400 workout)

Thursday: AM: 12 miles

Friday: AM: 9 miles   PM: 4 miles (4×200 accelerations)

Saturday: AM: 12 miles (Asheville 10k)  PM: US Soccer National Youth License

Total: 95 miles, 10 runs

Recovery week (w/some soccer thrown in!)

Last week was all about recovery. After the marathon I took 4 days completely off. I took walks each day and just let my body relax. I had a good deal of junk food and beer and tried to not think about running that much. I also found a few pictures from the race showing my various stages of pain! Enjoy!

Early in the race. (MarathonFoto.com)
Early in the race. (MarathonFoto.com)
Just after 30k before things started to fall apart. (MarathonFoto.com)
Just after 30k before things started to fall apart. (MarathonFoto.com)
Just trying to get to the finishing line. (MarathonFoto.com)
Just trying to get to the finish line. (MarathonFoto.com)

I was quite sore for the first 2-3 days after the race but that improved quickly. Well, everything improved other than my hamstrings! Having cramped in that area for over 10k at Boston my hamstrings and hamstring/glute attachments are still screaming at me almost a week later.

One interesting non-running development of the last 2 weeks is that I am now coaching a U16 boys club soccer team in New Jersey for the month of May. I was contacted by someone at Next Level Soccer Academy in Pennington, NJ and they were in need of a replacement coach for this team. I ran a training session for the group as a tryout of sorts just before Boston and was asked to come on board for the month. I will be returning to NC and ZAP (and HCSA) at the end of May but I was excited to get back on the soccer field after my brief hiatus the last new months.


Thanks for reading!

Here is my last week of training (4/19-4/25):

Sunday: AM: 5 miles (5×30 sec post run)

Monday: AM: 28.2 miles (Boston Marathon)

Tuesday: AM: OFF

Wednesday: AM: OFF

Thursday: AM: OFF

Friday: AM: OFF

Saturday: AM: 4 miles

Total: 37.2 miles, 3 runs

California Adventures

The last 10 days has been a whirlwind. Here’s the breakdown of places and faces I came across since my last entry:

Thursday, March 12: Flew to L.A. as planned even though I wasn’t racing. Checked into Millenium Biltmore for the night. Had dinner at Soleto Pizza Bar with the lovely Alissa ‘Nana’ McKaig.

Friday, March 13: Checked out of Biltmore since the race would not be reimbursing ZAP since I wasn’t racing and headed to LAX to pick up Esther who was getting in from NJ. Esther and I grabbed our rental car and had dinner at a fast food joint in L.A. before crashing at a friend’s house somewhere in the vast and traffic filled City of Angels!

Saturday, March 14: Met Pete and Reebok’s Patrick Joyce at Millenium to do an easy run on the OT course. Course maps had been distributed so we checked out the 6 mile loop that will be run 4x during the course of the race. There’s certainly some uphill in there people! It will be interesting for sure. Esther and I drove to Cal-St. Fullerton in the evening so she could race the Ben Brown Invitational 5k. She won the race and came away with a nice PR in hot conditions. She’s tough. Went back to the Millenium for the night to crash with McKaig and her friend Taylor.

With Esther after her 5k PR.
With Esther after her 5k PR.

Sunday, March 15: No L.A. Marathon for me but we followed the live feed when we woke up then headed up the coast towards Pismo Beach, CA. We had reserved an Air BnB spot a few days before and arrived around 4. Esther and I went on a beautiful run at the not-yet-opened Pismo Preserve. It was a very steep run but offered breathtaking views of the coast. PB&J and beer for dinner.

Pismo Preserve in Pismo Beach, CA.
Pismo Preserve in Pismo Beach, CA.

Monday March 16: Drive 20 minutes to San Luis Obispo and did a hilly run at another nature preserve. Great views once again at the top. Drove another 10 minutes down the CA-1 to Morro Bay to lay on the beach for an hour. Hopped back in the car and made the long but beautiful drive to Oakland, CA to see our buddy Jesse Cherry. The Pacific Coast Highway is like the Blue Ridge Parkway equivalent of the west coast. Steep, windy, and sometimes dangerous roads but totally worth it for the views. Esther and I were both impressed with how awesome the drive was. We stopped in Piedras Blancas to check out the elephant seal community and drove by a zebra farm at one point as well. Arrived in Oakland around 8pm and grabbed a quick meal at a great Mexican joint.

The elephant seal rookery  of Piedras Blancas on the PCH.
The elephant seal rookery of Piedras Blancas on the PCH.

Tuesday, March 17: Jesse and I helped Esther with her uptempo medium long run around Oakland. It was 60 degrees, sunny, and low to no humidity! After the run we ate lunch at a hole in the wall burrito spot where the gave you much too much food. For dinner we tried Burma Superstar which was excellent as well. Got a few drinks then called it a night.

Wednesday, March 18: Easy run with Jesse while Esther met a friend somewhere else to run. Ate at Bakesale Betty’s for lunch. GOOD fried chicken sandwiches with cole slaw and strawberry shortcake for dessert. Walked around downtown Oakland in the afternoon and got a B-12 shot! Had dinner in Sunnyvale, CA with college soccer teammate Walshy and his wife Molly.

Hanging out with my best bud (and future best man) Jesse Cherry in Oakland.
Hanging out with my best bud (and future best man) Jesse Cherry in Oakland. Business time.

Thursday, March 19: Made our way to the airport to head back to NJ with Esther. Luckily we had a direct flight and were back at her place around 11 pm. All in all a great trip!

I feel very blessed that I was able to see two of my favorite former ZAP teammates, Jesse and Alissa, who coincidentally are the best man and maid of honor for Esther and I’s upcoming nuptials in September. Both are still running and I suspect both will be on the starting line with Esther and I when the Olympic Trials roll around in February 2016.

Running wise, I was taking it very easy both mentally and physically in California as my calf finished up its healing! I was nearly healed when I arrived in L.A. but running over 7 minute pace and trying to run 5 min pace are two completely different beasts. Once I returned to NJ I got in a moderate workout to test out my calf. I did a 3-2-1 minute fartlek with no set rest in the midst of a 13 mile run around Princeton, NJ. It went quite well and I did not feel my calf at all. The coming days will tell the real story as Pete and I try to see whether my body will be ready to go for Boston. We are not going to force things but simply see where my fitness and health go the next month.

Thanks for reading!

Here is my last week of training (3/15-3/21):

Sunday: PM: 12 miles (Pismo Beach)

Monday: AM: 8 miles (San Luis Obispo)

Tuesday: AM: 16 miles (Oakland)

Wednesday: AM: 8.5 miles

Thursday: OFF (travel to NJ)

Friday: AM: 10.5 miles (8×20 sec post run)

Saturday: AM: 4 miles   PM: 13 miles (3-2-1 fartlek x3 within run)

Total: 72 miles, 7 runs

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