The wait begins!


Last week was a whirlwind of emotions! Entering the week my calf was still giving me issues and the lingering soreness was improving but not at the rate that I hoped. This had me down in the dumps but I was determined to continue with all the rehab I could think of with the marathon so close!

Unfortunately, after my last moderate workout of 10×3 minutes on Wednesday I told Pete that my body just felt locked up and completely out of alignment. I wasn’t having any intense pain in the calf but I could tell my stride was very off. Despite this I was able to get in 15 miles for the workout but I was not running freely as I could tell I was protecting the calf.

After the workout, Pete immediately got on the phone with Dr. Josh Glass in Atlanta to see if I could get an appointment on very short notice. Dr. Glass owns Georgia Sports Chiropractic and is very well respected in the track and field community having worked with countless professional runners through the years. Thankfully he got me in late in the day on Wednesday and again Thursday morning before heading back to Greenville.

Dr. Glass found that my right SI joint (sacroiliac joint, hip area) was very locked up and that my left calf was taking the beating from this imbalance. After readjusting my hips and ankles during both sessions, Glass showed me some rehab stuff I could do to continue to improve this weak area. And before leaving town I was also able to get a massage from longtime ZAP friend and excellent therapist Robin Rogers. I’m very appreciative that both were so available and willing to see me.

In the subsequent days following treatment, I could feel my stride coming back to me slowly. Although my calf is still slightly sore I am pleased to report that the treatments from Glass and Rogers were very, very helpful and hopefully what I needed as I enter the last week of training before the LA Marathon. Fingers crossed!

My Dad and I on Saturday in downtown Greenville enjoying the great weather.
My Dad and I on Saturday in downtown Greenville enjoying the great weather.

Lastly, my parents were able to make the trip from Charleston to spend the weekend with me in Greenville. I don’t get to see them very often so the Furman training camp is always a time when they try to come up for a few days. We wandered around downtown Greenville on Saturday and then went to hear my longtime friend and roommate Josh Windley’s father, Rev. Joseph Windley, preach on Sunday morning in Fountain Inn, SC. It was a great few days.

Here is my last week of training (3/1-3/7):

Sunday: AM: 14 miles (8×20 post run)  PM: 4 miles

Monday: AM: 10 miles

Tuesday: AM: 9.5 miles (6×200)  PM: 5 miles

Wednesday: AM: 15 miles (10×3 min workout)  PM: travel to ATL

Thursday: AM: 6 miles   PM: 6 miles

Friday: AM: 9 miles  PM: 4 miles

Saturday: AM: 10.5 miles

Total: 93 miles, 11 runs


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